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When Petronas Twin Tower was still the tallest building in KL, before TRX & PNB118 are being built
When Petronas Twin Tower was still the tallest building in Malaysia, before TRX106 & PNB118 are being built

Once upon a time, KLCC was a turf club — Literally horses were running around back then. Likewise, Pavilion was once a girl school; Sungei Wang was once a Fun Fair; TRX was once a mixed Factory and Bungalow area. …


Rising cost of raw materials are concerning most end consumers

Last week I had a conversation with an Aluminum & Glass Manufacturer about the recent raw material prices.

“It was crazily increasing isn’t it lately, how is your business?” I asked.

“Yeah and previously I had given my quotations validity for about a quarter. But now, it is only a…


Hustle and Bustle of Kuala Lumpur

Transit Infrastructure has been the backbone for economic growth of any nation, as these developments will improve productivity of work force through convenience of commuting to work, as well as reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

To understand sustainable urban development better, we can first identify what the policy makers are…

Brandon Goh has 7 years of experience in Real Estate, and professionally served numerous listed companies and high net worth individuals.

Article of podcast: Property Price vs. Property Value
Hi all! It is me, Brandon and today we are going to talk about the fundamental difference between property price and property…

Brandon Goh

Property Coach & Negotiation Trainer

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